Ian Saunders

A classic T-shaped employee with technical, creative and communication specialisms.

Manchester, M14 • ianmsaunders@hotmail.com


I pride myself on my communication skills and therefore also make a great link between technical and management teams, able to succinctly distil complex subjects into easy to grasp concepts to enable better business cohesion and faster, more agile development and deployment.

I love working with other people and consider myself well suited for design and development within a team, but I've proven myself able to thrive in a solo role.

As a creative person, I believe creativity is useful in both design and problem-solving situations. Through freelance working, I have experience of communicating and designing for small business and creative types and I feel a key strength is my ability to communicate technical subjects with these people.

I'm loyal and trustworhy and I'm keen to work in Central Manchester.

Additional Information

I have experience in managing, mentoring and inspiring a number of colleagues and find these skills are also useful in other functions of the business, such as liaising with external shareholders and negotiating with third-parties.

Although not a salesman, I've been involved in successful sales meetings, utilising my communication, business and function knowledge and contacts to add value for internal colleagues and clients alike. I'm unafraid of new challenges; I am looking for a new role that allows me to refocus on the skills that bring me the most satisfaction to exercise and therefore provide additional benefit to any employer.


Microsoft Office (10+ years), HTML (including HTML 5) (10+ years), CSS (including CSS3) (10+ years), Javascript (3 years), jQuery (3 years), PHP (5 years), Adobe Photoshop (10+ years), Adobe Illustrator (10+ years), Staff Management (2 years), Payroll (1 year), Mentoring (2 years), Process Improvement (5 years), Operations Management (2 years), Supply Chain Management (1 year), HTML 5, MySQL (5 years), Design (3 years)

Work Experience

Full Service Developer (Front and Back End, Marketing and Testing)

Pantheon Business Group - Stalybridge

January 2012 to Present

My role demanded the support of the business from a digital growth perspective - moving from a static product-driven eCommerce Business to a dynamic multi-category international eCommerce product business over the course of the seven years with the company.

The initial challenges faced were to deliver an integrated eCommerce service that supported sales through third party providers (Amazon, eBay etc.)

Alongside the growth of the business, I've supported all aspects of digital growth - for example, developing dynamic product content management scripting. The approach allowed for automated inventory management within the back-end (via MYSQL, PHP and Joomla/Virtumart), and immediate content management through the front end (for example, a new product loaded in the back end would then be resolved across a number of different styles and sizes on the front end, as well as allowing for further user personalisation on site). This enabled us to immediately start selling from a rapidly growing range of products, currently numbering just under two million.

Furthermore, I played a central part in the development and continuous improvement of the process by which designers are able to submit designs that are then digitally transformed into viable products.

Another success was the supporting of development of additional software systems intended to automate all aspects of manufacturing, including the interfacing of local files with variable web server technology.

Additionally, I held upper management responsibility for ten employees, including recruitment, implementation of new starter policies, co-ordinating their activities, liaising with accountants and arranging payments. It was contingent on me to discipline and in extreme cases dismiss staff. I was also responsible for procurement and ensuring suppliers were paid appropriately and on time.

Freelance Technical Design, Development and Consultancy


On an adhoc basis I support small businesses with technical and design solutions, as well as front and back end website services, data management, proof-reading and other relatead tasks.

Web Designer/Developer

Eventura Ltd. - Bolton

August 2008 to January 2012

As the sole web designer/developer in a small technical consultancy firm, I was responsible for front and back end implementation and management. Spearheaded a drive to a more flexible and progressive approach to web development, including following best practices for structuring HTML and CSS, implementing multi-browser testing procedures and developing additional products for crossselling to customers.

I became a key participant in customer sales meetings and follow-ups and developed strong relationships with a number of clients, delivering further services, consultancy and ongoing support contracts.

The MD sought my input to devise a system for digital signage and communication. My ideas and suggestions were instrumental in the completion of the project that was rolled out among a number of customer-facing businesses locally, driven by web technologies.

I designed sites from initial client ideas and discussions, through sketches and wireframes to a complete project and integrated relevant front and back end technologies, to support, making key choices such as typography, colour palettes and photography designing icons and logos etc.

Project Development Secondment

Woolworths PLC - Rochdale

2006 to 2008

Working closely with the lead developer I assisted with the design of ASP pages as part of the development of software applications designed to run within a web-based mini-site. we liaised with analysts to scope, design and tighten specifications, to make amendments at very short notice, to deal with indecision, impossible requests, and even to iron out problems and support end-users. In addition to technical skills, I was required to consider and implement UX/UI practices to ensure a usable interface and the best possible outcomes.

This role was a secondment from my support job, and provided a great insight into the joined-up functions of the business: I knew that the software I developed had to be supported by my colleagues in the support department, and were my secondment to end I would be responsible for supporting it myself.

Support Analyst

Woolworths PLC - Rochdale

2001 to 2008

The support team were responsible for supporting the ePOS systems of over eight-hundred Woolworths stores. This was a high-pressure role and involved the support of such hardware as till clients, servers and printers, and a number of in-house and external software packages.

I designed and produced ad hoc reports to ensure clear and effective communication throughout my department. I was also fast-tracked to a role assisting with the conversion of the entire store estate to a new hardware and operating system platform.

Given the slow uptake of new technologies in large companies, I learned a lot about being adaptable and not specialising too strongly in one area. The Woolworths estate moved from a very old OS/2 implementation towards one built on Windows NT, along with countless pieces of third-party software and I found myself exposed to a varied mix of technologies.



1996 to 2001

Prior to reskilling, I was employed in a number of unrelated roles not applicable here.


City & Guilds in Web Site Development

Oldham College - Oldham

2002 to 2002

Web Design / Development

eCampus, Campus Ventures Centre University of Manchester - Manchester Central

2000 to 2001

GCSE or equivalent in 10 grades A* - D

The Blue Coat School - Oldham

1990 to 1995